Sky preset


This preset contains a ready to use sky preset and 3 scenes with different atmospheres (see pictures)
Here the clouds layers in this preset :

  • Cirrus (high altitude clouds)
  • Alto-cumulus (medium altitude clouds)
  • Cumulus (low altitude clouds)

It is compatible with Terragen 3 and Terragen 4


Sky preset

How to use it

A .tgc is provided which allow you to insert these clouds in your own scenes.

To test it you can choose between the 3 scenes provided (corresponding to the shown pictures). Just load the .tgd scene in Terragen 3 or 4 and start render.

  • Receive Shadows from Surfaces option is by default disabled
  • Wheat object is not included in this pack because licence but the population node is well present in the tgd scenes

How to download

A download link will be provided to you after your order completion.

Please note that your digital products can only be downloaded once.


  • You need to purchase one license for each commercial project you would like to use this material.
  • For non-commercial usage (including educational projects) you only need to purchase one license.
  • Whatever usage you cannot redistribute or resell these scenes.
  • The license does not include any contractual support.

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