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This website is dedicated to Terragen software, professional solution for rendering and animating realistic natural environments.

Terragen is a great software but its learning curve is not easy for some people. So I decided few years ago to share my Terragen scenes/presets by becoming a Terragen resources vendor. It is this work you can buy in my store : it will make easier your learning curve with Terragen.

You will find in my store a selection among my best Terragen scenes and presets.

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Luc Bianco

Terragen scenes and presets pack store

In my Terragen shop section you can buy Terragen3 & 4 compatible scenes and presets packs to build up your own projects and/or to improve your Terragen skills.

These Terragen materials can be used for any commercial or non commercial projects.

Pictures and animations

You will find here all Terragen pictures, and animations I have created for many years.

I have recently added a new VR gallery with 360° pictures .

My pictures can be freely downloaded. For any usage please to contact me.


Mainly dedicated to some experiments and tests I do to create future Terragen presets and scenes, or some experiments with HDRi Terragen pictures used in others softwares like Blender.

But you will find also in this section some general news about Terragen and about my new products available in my store.

Latest blog posts

Terragen HDRi 360 picture for Blender

Terragen HDRi 360 picture for Blender

Here a render using one of my Terragen canyon scene as a HDRI environment in Blender and a free 3D StarWars Tie Interceptor object (released under licence Creative Commons Zero 1.0 - credits to Daniel Andersson) Original Terragen 360° picture was 3000x1500 pixels and...

All inclusive pack is available

All inclusive pack is available

You can now purchase the All inclusive pack which contains all scenes and presets available in my store : Canyon scenes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Megaliths scene Tropical storm scene (no plants) Tropical sunset scene (no plants) Iceberg scene Lavender scene (no plants) Desert...

Stones from a 3D scan

Stones from a 3D scan

An own 3D scan done by taking 39 pictures of stones near a beach and converted to 3D object by using VisualSFM and Meshlab. Original stones photo looks like : Rendered sun animation : Stones from a 3D scan from Luc BIANCO on...

Partners of Virtual Landscapes – Luc Bianco’s Terragen store

The home of Terragen – Photorealistic 3D environment design and rendering software

XfrogPlants – Realistic and highly detailed models : fully textured 3D trees, shrubs, and flowers.



New World Digital Art Shop – Some of my Terragen scenes and presets packs are also available here