The storm


The storm picture has been done in 2008 with Terragen 2, I did so many tests before to achieve these clouds. Definitively a scene I was proud to have done !

The render presented here is fully adapted to Terragen 3. Render is slightly different from 2008 picture (presented in this product gallery, no vegetation included), but very close and nodes network is exactly the same. Note also difference from original one comes the fact it was a bit postworked for color/constrast, here it is not the case, the render is a raw render.

The black and white version is a simple postwork done by balancing colors levels when passing from color to grey.

Terrain has just been disabled for the render because XFrog trees cannot be distributed due in respect with copyright. Nevertheless terrain generation nodes for island are still present in .tgd file.

It is compatible with Terragen 3 and Terragen 4


The storm

How to use it

A .tgc is provided which allow you to insert these stones in your own scenes
To test it you have just load the .tgd sample scene in Terragen 3 or 4 and start render.

How to download

A download link will be provided to you after your order completion.

Please note that your digital products can only be downloaded once.


  • You need to purchase one license for each commercial project you would like to use this material.
  • For non-commercial usage (including educational projects) you only need to purchase one license.
  • Whatever usage you cannot redistribute or resell these scenes.
  • The license does not include any contractual support.

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