You will find two projects here. First one is the old Iceberg picture I did in 2004 with Terragen 0.9.43 and second one is the recent rework I did with Terragen 4.

All shapes are procedural, done with displacements functions.

In the Terragen 4 version, I added some annotations in the network in order to explain each step :

Scene setup is very versatile and you can easily customize it to create new scenes/pictures like this sunset :

Please note that :

  • This scene is not fully compatible with Terragen 2 or Terragen 3 (some features are not available like sun flare, bloom, glass on clouds v3).


Iceberg scene

How to use it

This scene contains two projects :

  • one tgd file compatible with Terragen 4 (and with some limitations with Terragen 3). You have just to load the .tgd file and start render.
  • one Terragen 0.9.43 project with “classic” iceberg render I did in 2004

How to download

A download link will be provided to you after your order completion.


  • You need to purchase one license for each commercial project you would like to use this material.
  • For non-commercial usage (including educational projects) you only need to purchase one license.
  • Whatever usage you cannot redistribute or resell this scene
  • The license does not include any contractual support