Unreal Engine Slot Machine

I’ve always loved automatons, games like pinball and casino slots.

So I developed this very simple slot machine with Unreal Engine.

You can download it for free for Windows here or here

Unreal Engine mini game tribute to Naranjito “Jeu de taquin” puzzle style from the 1982 FIFA World Cup in Spain

Naranjito is the mascot of the 1982 World Cup in Spain.

It represents an orange, typical fruit of Spain, wearing the red shirt of the national team and a football under the arm.

I scanned my own old “Jeu de taquin” game to get a realistic texture with the traces of wear (this game is 40 years old), then I modeled in 3D and textured the object with Blender.

Finally I imported it into Unreal Engine to program the game.

if you are interested, you can download this mini Windows game for free here or here

Unreal Engine ITECOM students games 2021

This year, 4 games were developed with Unreal Engine 4

This year again, several good game prototypes made with Unreal Engine by my students from ITECOM Nice highlighting their skills as 3D artists Maya and Substance Painter.
A big congratulations to them who didn’t know anything about Unreal Engine or programming until 6 months ago and worked very well in teams.

Black Sun is a game inspired by ancient Egypt and movies like Indiana Jones or games like Rick Dangerous or more recently the Uncharted license.
The character evolves in several rooms connected by a HUB and in which he will have to pass different tests.

Is This Real will take you into the phobias of its heroine Gwenn: thalassophobia, coulrophobia and arachnophobia. Will she be able to overcome her fears?

Yukai takes you to a dreamy rural Japanese world where you must battle a Kappa, a prankster water demon that terrorizes the inhabitants. Will you be able to rescue the heroine’s little sister from the monster’s clutches?

Past Shadow in which the player embodies a reporter, fascinated by the paranormal, who decides to investigate in an abandoned mansion.

UNREAL Engine teaching

Video game programming teaching in schools and to individuals

Besides my interest in creating 3D environments with Terragen, I’m also passionate about Unreal Engine, the famous 3D video game engine.

As such, I offer complete teachings on video game programming in schools in the South-East of France.

I teach my students how to create games with Unreal Engine from the objects they model in Maya, 3ds max or Blender.

They learn to transform simple static objects into dynamic game elements.

As these students do not have a programmer profile, but rather a 3D artist profile, I teach them the graphic programming available in Unreal (Blueprints).

Unreal Engine programming with Blueprints

Create mini video games as exercices

Among the many exercises I give them, from time to time there are mini projects to be done consisting in creating complete mini-games (with menus, character management, dynamic elements such as projectiles, sound, saving scores…) in a time frame of one to two weeks.

Here are a few examples of mini games to do, which allow, despite their apparent simplicity, to take Unreal Engine in hand.

These games running on Windows 10 64 bits are available on itchio.io or gamejolt platforms for free : https://luc-bianco.itch.io/ or https://gamejolt.com/@lucbianco

Unreal Engine students games

After a few months of training, my students are able to create elaborate games with Unreal Engine, as shown by these projects for the 2019 and 2020 classes.

A Terragen image step by step

Here an illustration of making Terragen picture step by step.. from a simple heightfield to a complete procedural shaped terrain and texturing

This scene is available in my store ready to play with it and add new iterations !

Starting by create global procedural shapes

Adding details without denaturate the landscape

Adding colors by altitude and/or by slope

Adding some vegetation (here some XFROG plants used) and adjust colors to better match. Find an interesting point of view.