All inclusive pack is available

You can now purchase the All inclusive pack which contains all scenes and presets available in my store :

  • Canyon scenes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Megaliths scene
  • Edge of Forest scene (including Xfrog plants)
  • Tropical storm scene (including Xfrog plants)
  • Tropical sunset scene (including Xfrog plants)
  • Iceberg scene
  • Lavender scene (no plants)
  • Desert sunset scene (no plants)
  • Imaginary World scene
  • Glacier scene
  • The Storm scene
  • Sunset preset
  • Sky preset
  • Cracks preset
  • Above clouds 2 scene
  • Eroded stones presets 1, 2
  • Stones ground presets 1, 2
  • Pebbles preset
  • Clouds layer presets 1, 2, 3

Edge of forest scene available

This new product available in my store contains lot of XfrogPlants models : 11 models for a total of 14 variations

Xfrog, Inc Plants used and included :

Two different scenes are provided :

XFrog, Inc plants models I often use in my scenes

Some wonderful and useful models for lot of scenes I like to use :

Tropical with 20 species native to the world’s tropic regions. Each species includes 3 variations in age, size and shape for a total of 60 highly detailed, fully textured 3D models.

Oceania 3 with 20 species from all over Australia and Oceania.  9 variations in age, size and shape

  Tropical XFrog plants and flowers - scene rendered in Terragen 4 alpha

USA Southwest contains 3D plant models of 20 species of cacti and succulents native to the deserts of the American Southwest.  3 variations in age, size and shape

USA Conifers contains 3D tree models of 20 species native to North America.  3 variations in age, size and shape

Europe 3 a collection of very detailed 3D trees.  20 species from all over Europe at different ages and varied seasons. 9 variations.

  Garden scene rendered in Terragen 4 alpha

Agriculture 20 with species. 9 variations in age and shape