Plants, herbs and leaves to populate your grounds

Soon in my Terragen store you will be able to buy small objects such as plants, herbs, leaves and even rocks to populate your grounds

These resources are optimized to be used on all computers. The textures are generally in 2K (2048×2048) which is largely sufficient for this type of assets. For each texture, normals are provided.

Here are some examples with a fern collection

Unreal Engine Slot Machine

I’ve always loved automatons, games like pinball and casino slots.

So I developed this very simple slot machine with Unreal Engine.

You can download it for free for Windows here or here

Unreal Engine mini game tribute to Naranjito “Jeu de taquin” puzzle style from the 1982 FIFA World Cup in Spain

Naranjito is the mascot of the 1982 World Cup in Spain.

It represents an orange, typical fruit of Spain, wearing the red shirt of the national team and a football under the arm.

I scanned my own old “Jeu de taquin” game to get a realistic texture with the traces of wear (this game is 40 years old), then I modeled in 3D and textured the object with Blender.

Finally I imported it into Unreal Engine to program the game.

if you are interested, you can download this mini Windows game for free here or here