Terragen canyon workflow

Terragen canyon workflow

Here is a short video showing how to create a canyon by applying successive displacement layers in Terragen.

We start with coarse displacements and gradually apply finer and finer displacements.

We finish with the application of color layers, also based on fractals.

The complete project with comments is available on my Canyon 9 product page


Unreal Engine Slot Machine

I’ve always loved gaming machines, like pinball and casino slot machines or the machines you find at fairs. So I modeled with Blender and programmed with Unreal Engine a casino type slot machine (One-Armed Bandit) trying to be as realistic as possible in terms of functions, from the movement of the arm to the exit of the coins.

Plants, herbs and leaves to populate your grounds

In my Terragen store, in addition to presets and scenes, you can also find small objects such as plants, herbs, leaves and even rocks to enhance your creations and make them even more realistic.

All these resources are optimized to be used on all computers. The textures are generally in 2K (2048×2048) which is largely sufficient for this type of resources. For each texture, bump maps are provided.

Here are some examples of plants and links:

Curcubits plant

Groundcover plants

Automn leaves

Fern collection