Video game programming teaching in schools and to individuals

Besides my interest in creating 3D environments with Terragen, I’m also passionate about Unreal Engine, the famous 3D video game engine.

As such, I offer complete teachings on video game programming in schools in the South-East of France.

I teach my students how to create games with Unreal Engine from the objects they model in Maya, 3ds max or Blender.

They learn to transform simple static objects into dynamic game elements.

As these students do not have a programmer profile, but rather a 3D artist profile, I teach them the graphic programming available in Unreal (Blueprints).

Unreal Engine programming with Blueprints

Create mini video games as exercices

Among the many exercises I give them, from time to time there are mini projects to be done consisting in creating complete mini-games (with menus, character management, dynamic elements such as projectiles, sound, saving scores…) in a time frame of one to two weeks.

Here are a few examples of mini games to do, which allow, despite their apparent simplicity, to take Unreal Engine in hand.

These games running on Windows 10 64 bits are available on or gamejolt platforms for free : or

Unreal Engine students games

After a few months of training, my students are able to create elaborate games with Unreal Engine, as shown by these projects for the 2019 and 2020 classes.