A Terragen image step by step

Here an illustration of making Terragen picture step by step.. from a simple heightfield to a complete procedural shaped terrain and texturing

This scene is available in my store ready to play with it and add new iterations !

Starting by create global procedural shapes

Adding details without denaturate the landscape

Adding colors by altitude and/or by slope

Adding some vegetation (here some XFROG plants used) and adjust colors to better match. Find an interesting point of view.


Some books where I wrote some chapters few years ago, to explain, step by step, the creation process of my pictures :

Paysages 3D with a picture done with Terragen 0.9

Illustrations 3D with a picture done with KPT Bryce

It’s funny to see that these old books are still on sale….. hurry up before they become collectors 😉

Luc Bianco