Terragen canyon workflow

Terragen canyon workflow

Here is a short video showing how to create a canyon by applying successive displacement layers in Terragen.

We start with coarse displacements and gradually apply finer and finer displacements.

We finish with the application of color layers, also based on fractals.

The complete project with comments is available on my Canyon 9 product page


A Terragen image step by step

Here an illustration of making Terragen picture step by step.. from a simple heightfield to a complete procedural shaped terrain and texturing

This scene is available in my store ready to play with it and add new iterations !

Starting by create global procedural shapes

Adding details without denaturate the landscape

Adding colors by altitude and/or by slope

Adding some vegetation (here some XFROG plants used) and adjust colors to better match. Find an interesting point of view.

New Terragen presets and scenes are available in the store section

New Terragen presets and scenes are available in the store section

There are several new Terragen presets are available in the store section:

  • Quiet river water pack you can use to add realistic color water shader in your scene, several types are provided like transparent or muddy water.



  • Canyon 6 scene which show you how to setup stratas canyon scene which realistic displacements. Complete scene is included which all shaders (no vegetation).



  • Fog layer preset with 2 types of fog, one is very detailed and compact, second one is more diffuse fog.


  • Deep valley scene is a complete and very versatile valley environment with a lot possibilities of virtual excursions and reuse.


  • Sky preset 2 with 4 clouds layers at different altitudes that you can enable/disable depending on cloud sky coverage you would like to obtain