Seashells pack


Real seashells captured by photogrammetry. These objects are a good complement to add realism to your beach or seaside scenes.


Theses objects (4 shellfish and 1 small stone), captured by photogrammetry (photos), is in .obj format.

Each object is made up of more 100K vertices, and the 16K texture is the same for all objects.

It is a nice addition to your Terragen scenes to improve realism. But since it is .obj format you can use it in most 3D softwares like Blender, 3DSmax…

How to download

A download link will be provided to you after your order completion.

Please note that your digital products can only be downloaded once.


  • You need to purchase one license for each commercial project you would like to use this material.
  • For non-commercial usage (including educational projects) you only need to purchase one license.
  • Whatever usage you cannot redistribute or resell these scenes.
  • The license does not include any contractual support.


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