This year, 4 games were developed with Unreal Engine 4

This year again, several good game prototypes made with Unreal Engine by my students from ITECOM Nice highlighting their skills as 3D artists Maya and Substance Painter.
A big congratulations to them who didn’t know anything about Unreal Engine or programming until 6 months ago and worked very well in teams.

Black Sun is a game inspired by ancient Egypt and movies like Indiana Jones or games like Rick Dangerous or more recently the Uncharted license.
The character evolves in several rooms connected by a HUB and in which he will have to pass different tests.

Is This Real will take you into the phobias of its heroine Gwenn: thalassophobia, coulrophobia and arachnophobia. Will she be able to overcome her fears?

Yukai takes you to a dreamy rural Japanese world where you must battle a Kappa, a prankster water demon that terrorizes the inhabitants. Will you be able to rescue the heroine’s little sister from the monster’s clutches?

Past Shadow in which the player embodies a reporter, fascinated by the paranormal, who decides to investigate in an abandoned mansion.