Making of R2D2 was on Tatooine

For this picture, I used a free (for non commercial pictures) R2D2 model found on blendswap website.

I used also my desert scene (available in my store) where I removed all vegetations, and added a second sun in the sky with a low strength.

I changed also camera FOV and added a depth of field effect.

Desert sunset scene

Desert sunset scene

My scene “desert at sunset” often used to illustrate Terragen 4 new features during beta testing is now available in my store

This scene will show you how to create stones ground, mixed with cracks and how to populate a scene.

I put two views inside it with one to show depth of field feature

First Terragen 4 preset and scene available

First Terragen 4 preset and scene available

I have released two new products fully designed to work with Terragen 4 (tested with Terragen 4 beta) and so not compatible with Terragen 3 :


Clouds Layer 3 is a “above clouds” preset using new Terragen 4 clouds. It is delivered with a test scene to make following renders.


Imaginary World is a variation of this preset adapted to sunset picture over clouds. It is delivered as a complete scene with clouds, terrain and surfaces.


You can use these preset and scene in all your commercial or non commercial projects.

Terragen 4 Open Beta

Terragen 4 Open Beta

Terragen 4 beta version was a completely free and unrestricted, with all Terragen 4 features available.

Update : Terragen 4 is now available on purchase :

Terragen 4




Garden scene rendered in Terragen 4 alpha

Tropical XFrog plants - scene rendered in Terragen 4 alpha